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Up to 6 XL in sizing

    Behind the Designs

    • Here at Purdie Photography Designs, photography has been the thing since the 70's but digital photography really sparked our imagination for the world around us and bringing those designs into items you can wear and use in everyday life.
    • When designing items, we are a big believer in sizes for all.  It's no fun going to purchase something and find the sizes start at XS and end at a tiny sized Large.  We have sought to always include bigger sizes in our designs and not drop them out.  Some of our sizes go up to 7 XL.
    • We are also very keen to design items that are comfortable to wear.  Life is too short for uncomfortable clothes and shoes.  We love to wear and use our own designs and test them for comfort, quality and durability after lots of washes and wears.
    • In our collection you will find designs based on things we love like animals, flowers especially a favourite flower - the Frangipani, nature, landscapes, the use of colour, sunshine, quotes, love hearts, cartoon style drawings, animal print, cameras and other things that capture our attention. 
    • Please take some time to browse our collection and purchase something you love.
    • This Shopify store system is secure with encrypted data and your credit card number and email address is never stored or put on any database.  Paypal is also safe and available as are other payment methods.
    • Please contact the team at if you have any queries.