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Up to 6 XL in sizing

    In The Beginning - The Rose High Heels

    Covid was a time in history where the world changed.  We learnt about how to keep our physical distance from each other, use Zoom and stock up on toilet paper.  Fight for it in the shops if you had to, and make the news that night.  

    During Covid lockdowns of 2020, all my photography work dried up big time.  Weddings were postponed or limited to 10 people, nobody wanted to have their family photos taken and a lot of the events and parties I usually photographed were cancelled.  It was a sad, lonely and scary time for a lot of people, but it did have a plus for me and that was starting my print on demand drop shipping business.  

    I had been watching a YouTube video on drop shipping and how that worked.  Then I watched another video and another.  Before I knew it, I was down a deep dark rabbit hole of education.  So many videos and so much information.  I could have taken the usual route of finding products to put into my store from Alibaba or one of those sites and just be a reseller, but then more videos later, I learnt about print on demand.  

    I dug up lots of my images, edited them to a higher level, put them in a folder, and set about learning how to put the images onto things to use and wear.  The first product I made was a pair of high heels with a rose design from an image taken at a wedding.  I was so proud of myself.  These heels have been discontinued now by the manufacturer but I was so excited to learn how to do this.  The Rose Heels were like my first born baby creation.

    At this point, lockdowns were just another day for me working from home and had little effect on me.

    Since I began I have learnt how to do digital art on my iPad and use other apps and computer programs to generate big enough size files that I can make things now like bed cover sets and full length dresses. 

    To date, in total counting all the Shopify, print on demand manufacturers, Etsy and other platforms, it has come in at 41 different systems I have had to teach myself over the last 4 years.  

    The business has kept me sane and being creative over this time.  It has given me a lot.  Not so much in terms of finance, (it's generally not a get rich quick overnight scheme) but creativity outlets, self-esteem, knowledge, new friends and contacts and some great unique clothes to wear.  I often get samples for myself so you might see me sporting a tshirt or top, rubber clogs, an Apple Watch strap, new swimwear or a skirt and wonder where I got it.  I'm like a walking business card.

    A print on demand business is not a set and forget business.  It takes a lot of time and effort, pushing through orders, creating products, doing social media and marketing, giving top customer service, and all the paperwork associated with any business.  But I love it and am excited for the future and what that may hold.